Keith Harmon

Bluegrass music has always been a tradition in Keith's family, but he did not pick up the Banjo until he was 16. He started providing his first music lessons in 2007 while he toured with Inland Northwest Bluegrass Band, Northern Underground. During Keiths time with Northern Underground, he established a reputation for himself in the Inland Northwest bluegrass community as a solid instrumentalist known for his improvisational abilities and flexible playing style.


In 2009, Keith took a hiatus from music and joined the military. He was stationed in Colorado and spent his limited free time networking with the Bluegrass community in the Colorado Springs area, where he established a reputation in the jam scene as a versatile and melodic banjo player. In 2015, Keith and his family relocated to Bellingham, WA. Since then Keith has worked to re-immerse himself in the craft and language of the Banjo; his ultimate desire is to see a community of Banjo players established in Northwest Washington who can share ideas and support each other creatively.


Keith is well versed in traditional three-finger "Scruggs" style and Melodic "Keith" style banjo playing. His playing is influenced by traditional and contemporary bluegrass, classic rock, alternative, new acoustic, folk, jazz and much more. His desire is to see the banjo developed  beyond its traditional role while maintaining a respect for its origins. To arrange lessons with Keith, contact him via email: