About Us

The 5-String Banjo has a storied and colorful history. First introduced to America in its original gourd form from Africa, it  went on to become a symbol of America and ultimately a world instrument. It is the responsibility of every banjo player to spread its history, culture, and instrumentation. Bellingham Banjo has two main objectives: to spread the language of the Banjo through musical lessons and to develop a community around the banjo in Bellingham and Northwest Washington.



If you are interested in 5-string banjo lessons or helping us achieve this mission, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide instruction in the 5-string method including Scruggs and Melodic styles. If you are interested in more information regarding what these style are, check out our articles section for a history of the 5-string banjo.


Eventually, we would like to create a community that caters to all styles of banjo music in Bellingham, WA and the greater Northwest to include classical, clawhammer, frailing, tenor, two-finger, three-finger, and four-finger styles. The overall objective is to create a community that advocates for Banjo players across broad genres of music to include: folk, jazz, swing, bluegrass, contemporary acoustic, rock, bebop, and other musical styles.